Haulfryn specialises in the care and support of the elderly who are living with dementia, or mental health needs. We are registered with CIW.

We are able to provide the following services:

  • Full Time Care
  • Day Care
  • Short Stay and Respite Care

Haulfryn is listed upon the Approved Providers List for both Flintshire County Council, in which we are located, and Wrexham Borough Council. We are able to accept individuals from any local authority, as well as privately funded individuals.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of care. We actively strive to continuously improve our services by the completion of annual feedback forms which feeds into our annual quality reporting. This is completed using the voices of individuals who live here at Haulfryn, their loved ones and outside agencies who come into Haulfryn. We very much accept all aspects of feedback and use it as a tool to drive improvement.

Learning what is important to and for somebody helps us emphasise the differences we all have and how each of us are able to support each other with these differences. We use one page profiles, which are a great way of learning about each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. Using this information, we are able to connect likeminded people together, thus creating friendships and improved support.

Our emphasis is on good quality, lifelong care. We have worked through and been accredited with the Six Steps to Palliative Care Programme to ensure that the support we provide will always be tailored to each individual needs and desires.

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